Dance Fitness 4 Kids

Dance Fitness 4 Kids

hip hop style fitness class

Allows children to have fun, burn energy and learn some funky dance moves.  Dance is not only fun but helps children with confidence, coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. 
Dance Fit 4 Kids is run at Primary schools taking enrolments exclusively from that primary school, allowing children to feel comfortable and enjoy classes with their school friends. The classes run for an hour and a half past the school bell, giving parents an extra hour & a half.

What to expect​

Dance Fit 4 Kids classes are run by an enthusiastic team of instructors that absolutely love what they do and love working with children.

The first half of the class is a hip hop style dance fitness class where the children follow along giving a real party vibe. The second half of the class is constructed with a few different activities including; Dance battles, singing, acrobatics, core strengthening and stretching.

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A fun dance style fitness class designed for all primary school children.